2019 is quickly becoming the busiest year of my career and it hasn’t even started yet!

Whether it’s patient referrals from across British Columbia or speaking engagements across North America you can contact me here anytime by using the Contact Me form on this site.

I’m currently taking patient referrals from GP’s and Specialists as well as booking educational speaking opportunities for interested groups.

It’s extremely interesting and rewarding using Medical Cannabis in patients who are looking to get help without getting high.

I’ve been authorizing patients for Medical Cannabis for over 17 years and the results never cease to amaze me.

My patients range from children suffering with seizure disorders to geriatrics who are seeking relief from chronic pain and insomnia.  Other common conditions that may respond to Medical Cannabis include MS, arthritis, developmental disabilities, PTSD, anxiety, and symptom relief in cancer patients.

Is Medical Cannabis a cure-all?  No, but if traditional medicine is either ineffective or associated with intolerable side-effects, I believe it has a valuable place in my doctor’s bag.